HTML images file type

Images are an important and integral part of most websites, they make them visually more attractive and memorable. Graphic design elements can become the basis of your site's brand and visual identity, which distinguishes your site from millions of others on the Internet.

Images can not only decorate the pages, but also carry any information. Photos, illustrations, logos, icons, maps, diagrams and graphics can sometimes carry more information than text, so sharing text and images makes the web page more visually appealing and much more informative.

How digital images work

Like everything else that is in the computer's memory, digital images are represented as units and zeros (in the form of binary code) assembled into a virtual file. The computer reads this array of digits (each digit is a binary bit) and translates each set of bits into a signal that can be passed to a display device that turns this signal into a tiny color point (pixel). The file also contains encoded instructions on how these pixels should be located (this is similar to picking a mosaic that requires an entire image to be assembled from small parts). Separate pixels can be seen if you look closely at the monitor, you can also look at the image below, showing the pixels in the enlarged picture. Each square on which is a pixel:

Picture consisting of pixels

Images for sites are usually compressed to reduce the weight of the file, which speeds up its download. File compression can be achieved in two ways: by reducing the number of colors or reducing the size. The goal of image compression is to achieve the smallest weight of the file without any loss of quality.

Images file type

You can save digital images using three common formats: JPEG, GIF and PNG. Each of them has different methods of compression, its advantages and disadvantages. Most browsers have built-in software that will interpret and display files of these formats.

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