Open link in new tab in HTML

To open the page in a new window, you need to tell the browser the name of the window in which you want to open the page. If you do not specify the browser to use a certain window, it will open the page in the current window.

To tell the browser that when opening a page, you need to use a different window, instead of the current one, add the target attribute to the <a> element. Its value tells the browser about the target window for the page. If you use _blank as the attribute value, then the browser for each page will always open a new window:

  <a href="mypage.html" target="_blank">Other page</a>.
  If you set the target attribute to _blank,
  then the link will open in a new window.

The table shows all available values for the target attribute.

_blankOpens the page in a new window.
_selfOpens the page in the same window where the link was clicked (the default value).
_parentOpens the page in the parent window.
_topOpens the page to the full screen.
frame_nameOpens the page in the specified frame.

Note: if your browser supports tabs, the links with target="_ blank" will not open in a new window, but in a new tab. In this case, if you want the link to open a new window, you need to use the programming language (for example, JavaScript).

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