CSS validation

Validation of CSS code for standards compliance has some advantages and is no different from HTML validation. A document with CSS code will be considered valid if it has passed the corresponding check and does not contain errors.

If you use stylesheets predominantly in an external file, this makes it much easier to check your code because you have to check only one file, not each page individually. If you make mistakes when writing style sheet code, you can also use a validator to not look for errors manually.

How to use the validator?

You can use a CSS validator to check CSS code for errors and standards compliance, which provides three ways to check:

URL verification

Just enter the URL of the web page you want to check and click the Check button.

CSS Validation Example

After validating the code with a validator, you will see one of two inscriptions-either that everything was successful and you congratulate with the valid code, or that your CSS code found errors that you are about to fix.

Checking the downloaded file

This method allows you to download the scanned document to the server. To do this, click the Browse button and select the file that you want to check.

Validating the CSS code of the downloaded file

The server will automatically recognize the type of file you are downloading.

Checking pasted code

This method is ideal for validating part of a CSS file. You only need to copy the code into the text box.

Example of validation of inserted CSS code

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